Monday, May 30, 2011

The Marigold Deva: Gratitude Unlimited!

You have planted my blooms on your garden terraces partly to balance out the insectivary of the place, yet also with this special awareness that some traditions connect such flowers with the souls of the departed. The blossoms flourish, as the memory of deceased loved ones lives on in your hearts.
      On this day to honor in memory humans that have passed on, also notice that the saffron color of my blossoms is that hue the Buddhist monks of Southeast Asia wear in many places, a color of special cleansing and purification qualities. It may seem ironic to you that this is also the color associated in Yogic tradition with the second chakra or reproductive center of the human body. There is nothing ironic about this, unless you listen to irony as a reminder not to take your own assumptions too seriously. Sexuality is really the life-force itself, a sacred energy.
      Likewise, you are boldly sharing here what some readers may consider a sort of psychic experience of connection with the Nature Kindgom or Landscape Angels. Of course, it is nothing of the kind! This communication emerges simply and naturally from your ability to let your boundaries dissolve… and to become One with All Things.
      Your personal human self has boundaries and limitations caused by beliefs, most of which have no validity. This is the realm of your ego, nothing bad about it, only it may hamper your ability to listen to silence from that place of inner stillness… here, where you can hear us, or hear the Larger Self of totality that all smaller selves are parts of. When you forget your self, awareness of Self expands into awareness. 
      Here you know it: You are not only alive, you are Life itself!
      Give thanks on this day, not only for those who lived and died, also for the beautiful safforn colored flowers that help balance the insect life of your garden, and for those flame-robed Buddhist monks, the mendicants that appear in the quiet predawn streets of Far Eastern cities as mendicant monks to gather their food fro the day from householders, and melt away back to their monasteries with the growing daylight--rather give thanks for everything. Sprinkle marigold petals in a path that leads to the Ancestor shrine to guide the souls back for a visit…
      Remember the Ancestors every day. Ancestors are all people, all life-forms, every aspect of this Living World that has gone before and now meets you in the present moment within you.
      Open your heart to gratitude unlimited. 
      You'll be astonished! 
      Anything is possible.

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