Sunday, May 15, 2011

Violet Satin Hibiscus Deva

All of us in the Nature Kingdom, whom you may also call the One known as the Great God Pan, express our fierce delight and calm appreciation that in your innermost heart you have again actively opened your awareness to this direct communion.
      That practice you know as the constant cleaning of your inner energy is the major key for you at this time in order to keep this horizontal mind-bridge open. At the same time, with the ability to SEE non-duality or Oneness there is also no need for any practice except for Love.
      That key practice is gratitude, a perfect echo, a reflection of how we in Nature celebrate our intimate and indissoluble link with you.
      Your acknowledgment, even your awareness of our existence is not necessary to the unchanging fact of our close kinship with you.
      My appearance as a lovely pale violet flower with dramatic pistils and stamens has drawn us back together into mutual alignment of our specific embodiments. However, all along we always share our participation in the same singular realm of manifest things. You and we are One.
      When you SEE the true Oneness of All, the greatness of being you call the Lord of Forest and Field is SEEN as One with you.
      Your smaller, limited sense of self dissolves back into and returns to its indistinguishable unity with the Universal Self.
      Now, all this is plenty to absorb at the moment… so please breathe deeply, sit straight and allow your mind to empty like a handful of sand when the hand opens wide, turns over and both palms brush together to release all of the grains.
      Enter a timeless state as you remember that these are the sands of time. They are the grains of eternity.
      All your dreams can keep.

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