Thursday, May 26, 2011

Calling The Toads

Life is a Magickal adventure: each heartbeat is a miracle; each breath you take is an unrepeatable treasure!
      Do you really live with this awareness of a daily basis?
      To be honest I cannot claim that I live so mindfully every moment of every day, though that's my aim. Almost every morning I wake up feeling reborn. I've spoken before in this blog about the mystery of sleep, that total oblivion where you either dissolve into the abyss and no longer exist… or you experience parallel selves in those parallel universes of other timelines that we call dreams.
      The strangest thing of course, is that you seem to come back every time, or I suppose, maybe only until that time you don't come back. Yet an even deeper mystery may be that it also seems that we've all been in this Universe all along. We are part of a Living Universe, like those proverbial droplets int he ocean, we fly from the surface of absolute unity into a shining lifetime of apparent individuality, only until we fall back into the limitless ocean of Life. The All-Attractive Singularity welcomes us back!
      Though I'm not into ritual Magick in any serious, formal sense, I know what Real Magick IS: "The art of altering consciousness at will." Perhaps the most potent tool humans have is imagination, which like anything else powerful, can also take you out of your body, into your head and distance you from the truth, instead of creating new realities. It's sharp on both sides…
      So what is true? Your own body; Nature; the planet, the Sun, Moon and Stars. The Universe. If you really really are fortunate enough love someone and be loved in return, you're both real--to each other. Beyond that it's mostly just ideas, fantasy, cerebral cotton candy!
      Now that I've circled back to being the Fountain of Creative Fountain of Eternal Youth that I was at age 7 when my 2nd grade teacher initiated me into Greek mythology, C.S. Lewis, and the Magick of books, again a full-time writer and artist--I realize this IS the Real Magick.
      Creating Worlds.
      At the request of my publisher, I've just finished doing a cover painting for my 2nd novel which they plan to publish soon, so that readers of the first one don't have to wait too long. It's very exciting to be 7 years old again--which in a sense has always been my true age.
      So now when I wake up early each day before dawn, I go outside under the numberless stars in Paradise Garden where I live and call the toads. The Moon comes down just like it's Cinderella's coach that has rolled to a stop, the door opens, and instead of a glass slipper followed by a slip of a waifish girl with conders on her cheeks, the toads come hopping out onto the ground… I crouch down in a Siamese squat. The toads gather around my feet and together we sing…
      What do we sing? I'll let you do the imagining on that part!

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