Friday, June 24, 2011

The Mandevilla Deva

Blossom as you climb upwards in perfect balance upon gravity. For gravity, as you are aware, is a gift, not the cause of any suffering. Resistance to gravity that may cause imbalance can bring about challenges to your equanimity.
      As your blooms open while you ascend in the process of living, your inner colors are revealed to be shared. Your heart is exposed.
      So do not fear; feel instead the surge of intensity that means you are totally alive in this Garden of Paradise!
      Breathe deeply and allow this to calm the pace of your radiant heart--allow the wondrous collaboration of heart and lungs to remind you of your deep cellular connection with all green growing things.
      Your blossom, the inside-out exposure of the colors within your heart, reveals and demonstrates the deepest roots that connect you with all living things of this Garden planet.
      Indeed, there is a single Ancestor for all stardust in the common point of origin for everything. However, Life on earth, of which you are a self-selected representative, has a host of original Ancestors.
      You are the Holy Child of this Holy Family of Life.
      Your stardust, the sacred matter that emerges from the great surge of Love itself, does the dance of living.
      Life weaves the fabric of existence; existence is woven of Life. For Life is all that is. And yet in the Garden there is the story of Two Trees--for the chance of discovering and learning that One pulsation comes and goes through both.
      All numbers are for the opportunity to learn there are no numbers.
      There is, rather, truth.
      Truth emerges from the deepest root of stardust; sprouts and grows, unfolds and unfurls, send forth leaf and blossom, as it climbs in perfect balance upon gravity--without resistance or effort, rather it simply dances. Blooms.
      This Holy Child you call the Mandevilla makes visible the colors within the heart you share.
      Keep silence and feel this.

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