Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Stars Within You

Dear Friends and Loved Ones:

On Friday evening the 20th of January, 2012, we had the chance (chants!) of a lifetime to enjoy an evening of kirtan singing with Krishna Das at a Presbyterian church in Austin. Just before the actual event began, I made one more quick pit-stop in the church basement, then on my way back towards the sanctuary I came face-to-face with the great man himself! KD looked at me rather blankly, I felt slightly star-struck, and all I could do was a quick Namaste.
       That was a far later night than I'm used to any longer, however once KD appeared with his tabla player and bass player, his humor and total authenticity + that amazing voice and soul, it seems everyone on board ascended. I have no idea what kind of man KD would be otherwise, but all that singing has made him radiant. Peace beyond understanding, indeed. What a total blessing of bliss!
       Early next AM: A steady whir of low cricket-song stitches the night seamlessly, and a touch of visible breath wisps through the beam of my little brow light. Cool predawn, yet not cold. Curious weather for January, the two-faced.
       Apparently everyone marches directly into 2012 already; however, few people look back, unless they actually live in the past.
       Time. It's among those mysteriously powerful, yet almost undefinable and useless words like "God" or "Love." Time is every bit as elusive as those other important BIG words. Only what really seems to make the most sense is that the present, Eternal NOW is the only actual Time...
       Still, in this moment, and this one, and THIS one seeming to march along between past and future--in fact it seems most plausible of all that everything happens at once.
       Simultaneously. Perhaps our amazing nervous system and brain, with their processing far more powerful and potent than any computer in most ways, simply must create this "Time is like a river" sense of flow so we can function in 4-D spacetime. Only it all happens at the same Time.
       This 4-D (3 spatial + 1 time dimension) Universe may only be a thin slice of infinite possibilities, still it's what our Body Temples inhabit... and yet the Holy of Holies within this Temple is BEING--call it SOUL or the Third Eye, if you like--a kind of StarGate that opens to the Infinite...
       So I circle back for grounding to the predawn darkness where the gurgle of the little waterfall on the lily pond knits the frayed sleeve of care and balms my thoughts to silence with wonder.
       "As Within, So Without" really means that without me and within me (and YOU!) are actually One. It's this non-duality obsession I have lately, which naturally, inevitably sorts thing out when you grok it.
       Everything that seems to happen "out there" is actually inside of you. The Universe, the stars, me, the winter crickets, and the happy babble of the little waterfall. This makes it more plausible to accept 100% responsibility (no guilt or blame involved, of course) for everything that appears in your participatory, co-creative Universe. It's the only true freedom that exists!
       Within you and without you are One.

Peace & (((HUGS)))
Nada Te Turbe*
      -- Theresa of Avila
*(Let Nothing Disturb You)

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