Friday, January 13, 2012

The Eye of Wisdom and Health

Dear Friends and Loved Ones:

Distant times and places live within us here and now...
       Gentle morning sunlight slants across the liquid surface thronged with the leaves of water lilies, and between the gaps fish can be seen swarming. Frogs crouch on the alert for dragonflies that zoom about, and Sacred Blue Lotus flowers that nod on the gentle breezes and exude their delicate fragance. Amid the teeming life a pleasure barge drifts slowly, and aboard it is a small boy with wide eyes for all these living wonders. He sits by the feet of his beautiful mother, a woman called Queen Tiy, and their barge is called "Aten Gleams."
       His mother speaks to the boy in quiet, soft tones. She tells him of the invisible, unseen creator of all these living things, of everything--the living essence of the world, which she calls the Aten. Though some in the Two Lands of Egypt fear this formidable woman, she adores her younger son, and he adores her. Their discussions about the Aten will change the world forever...
       These images are among those I recall from a children's encyclopedia that I loved in my own childhood: beautiful volumes illustrated with glorious color lithographs. The story of the boy who grew up to be the Pharaoh Akhenaten struck a deep chord and also changed me!
       Now over 50 years later, the human world around us has become a science-fiction landscape of miracles and wonders and also some rather scary things at the same time. Yes, of course we hope that our species is ready to mature enough now to really get our act together and live on the New Earth with greater wisdom. This does not mean a Utopian vision, simply a necessary shift towards meaningful values and sustainable ways of living.
       In order to deal with Future Shock, it always helps to look deep within yourself, to exert within you the Taoist Inner Smile meditation, in which you can consciously send loving energy to every part of yourself.
       It also helps, as the great sage Ram Dass suggests, to look at things from the perspective of your SOUL. No need to wrestle with what the SOUL is, or if we have one. If you don't over-think the matter, you know there is some elusive and powerful essence of Self, who and what you really are, that you cannot put your finger on, and yet it is there.
       As 2012 shapes up to be a fascinating interval, one great way to deal with Future Shock is also a bit of time-travel. Consider coming along with me and some kindred spirits on a journey of "RECLAIMING YOUR ANCIENT EGYPTIAN SOUL." I offer this workshop on SUNDAY, MARCH 4TH, 2012 in Wimberley, at HEART OF TEXAS YOGA STUDIO.
       May the Eye of Wisdom and Health open for you!
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Peace & (((HUGS)))
Nada Te Turbe*
      -- Theresa of Avila
*(Let Nothing Disturb You)

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