Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fingernail Moon

Dear Friends and Loved Ones:

The delicate curved white slice of lunar light that inspired me to write this has already widened considerably. On New Years's Day it will be at the First Quarter, 7.4 days after the New Moon. I breathe through this awareness, for after all, the nature of such a cycle is that comes around again and again. During recent excursions outside for celestial viewing, well bundled up, my breath puffs tangibly in trailing clouds. Clear and cold nights now...

This lovely planet that we ride into the next year speaks for itself, when we're able to slow down enough for a really, really REALLY deep DEEEEEP listen. It's delicate as a shimmering, iridescent soap-bubble, and tough as a mother tigress guarding her cubs. The planet has a flavor of persistence and intensity that you can actually taste, when you realize it's the taste of your own mouth. No difference. We're ALL its Children.

Though that Fingernail Moon's in my mind at this moment, outside my window it's late afternoon, what I call the Time of Long Shadows. I've closed up the greenhouse for the night already, so it can hold onto the heat its absorbed today. I've dispatched the latest draft of a new non-fiction book to the editor at my publisher... Tomas is outside pouring concrete for a project, so maybe I'll call my mother up in Colorado, just to check in.

Of such details, is life made, not so much of the sweeping romances and huge events, but the little nibble on a lover's ear, or scooping out the kitty's litterbox and peeling some sweet potatoes to steam for supper...

I'm not so fixated on the numbers of 2012, though that year looms large. My take on it is it's nothing special, except that we will (as a certain famous starship captain says) "Make it so!" Plus the cycle of the Moon has synchronized exquisitely with the transition to CE 2012. According to my beloved friend Rowena Pattee Kryder, ( )--among the wisest and most beautiful people on the planet that I know--the Moon waxing from New to First Quarter can be described in some detail:

The Sickle Moon is the Mother of Galactic Space (someone I call NUIT!); The Crescent Moon is the Sea and Moon Mother; the Emerging Moon is the Child in the Garden; the First Quarter is the Sacred Marriage. Indeed, as we glide into this upcoming annum, it's time for our species' childhood to end. Time for humanity to grow up and perform the Tantric Rite of the Inner Marriage, to achieve balance within.

This prepares us for the impending Singularity when the rate of change truly goes exponential! No problem, so long as we listen to the Voice of the Silence, and feel that Stillness Beyond understanding.

Enjoy and feel joy!

Peace & (((HUGS)))
Nada Te Turbe*
      -- Theresa of Avila
*(Let Nothing Disturb You)

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  1. I love the idea of Inner Marriage! Unification of opposites, here we come! Great blog post.