Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your Inner Light Shines Always… All Ways!

The Full Moon seems to race across the Hill Country sky like a pearlescent mothership—only of course it’s the clouds that are racing. I’m outside the house at 2:30 AM. Luna actually hovers and moves with the Cosmic Wheels among which she swims.
The Moon has powerful influences on all Life on Earth, including we bipedal primates. Police logs and ER records demonstrate the spike in unusual, often dangerous or extraordinary human behaviors linked with that beautiful satellite of our plant.
When you ride the Medicine Wheel, or the Sacred Circle of the Year, call the Powers of the Four Directions, or however you may honor your place in the world, the potent traditional imagery also tells of a deep mystery. Whether American Indian, shamanic, or Wiccan—or on any path that simply honors Nature and human nature, the circle imagery reminds you of a seeming boundary, between without and within.
This boundary does not actually exist. “The center of the circle is everywhere, and the circumference is nowhere found,” is a maxim often associated with circle workings. Likewise, “As Within, So Without,” expresses the essence of both magick and alchemy.
The current spiritual and philosophical interest in non-duality, or Oneness arrives at just the right moment. It’s something you cannot describe, define, or actually talk about effectively. True Oneness you cannot create, leave, or enter. It simply IS. One insight that emerges is that separation is the cause of all suffering.
Within you and without you are merely reflections of the same thing. Your inner light is the same as that which illuminates all you see that appears to be outside of you. It’s the light of awareness, the consciousness you are.
To simply grok Oneness (rather than try to understand it!) simply sit with the word, and expand beyond it… allow it to sort out all the stuff that politics, religion, and the intellect cannot really deal with. Try it. It likes you.

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