Sunday, November 20, 2011

H.O.M.E. (Humanity's One Mother Earth)

The beautiful garden where I live can be entered from the driveway through a gate that Tomas made in the form of a copper spiderweb studded with colorful glass jewels. This web offers a glimpse of the lush living things within and merely a hint of the Deep Magick of co-creating with Nature that manifests there. The path curves with excellent Feng-Shui, to invite a flow of energy among the growing and flowering things, and helps to keep it vital, vibrant, flush with life.
      Tomas says Nature does all the work; I know better, for he co-creates exquisitely with Nature.
      This place is his heart and his inner world turned outward and made visible.
      The image of the front porch (above) suggests the marvelous integration of human presence with natural life-forms. And the title here, possibly one too many acronyms from me (?) is one I've significantly modified. Originally during the escapist 1980s "H.O.M.E." was coined to mean "High Orbital Mini-Earths," or space colonies in orbit--complete with their own biosphere.
      A cool idea to be sure, however as the intervening decades have unfolded and point more than ever to the importance of a conscious connection with the living planet. Much as I'd love to see our species inherit the stars, it's only possible if we end our suicidal War Against Nature.
      First we've got to make peace with ourselves, inside. That's where it all really happens and stems from, just as a plant grows from its roots.
      With a million trendy distractions, this process requires deliberate focus.
      Not long ago I said to a new friend, "Now I'm thinking there may be hope for our species."
      "I hope not," she said without hesitation, and I admired her honesty.
      In reality, the Earth matters more than our species. It's presumptuous to think we can "Save the Earth," for it has its own life, power, momentum. Our relationship with it is immensely complex and collective, around 7 billion of us now, to one Earth! What we can do is focus awareness on how to treat the planet better, with love, care and respect--for our own sake as much as the Earth's sake.
      Is there actually a difference between ourselves and the Earth? That belief in such a separation, a difference of interests is the problem itself! It's a matter of awareness.
      In search of a more current explication for H.O.M.E. I recently heard a little voice inside say: "Humanity's One Mother Earth."
      No human is exempt from this truth, this reality. And the Old Earth is over.
      Deep inside, in your own heart you know all of these things.
      This is the New Earth.

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