Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Clowns of Samhain

"The veil is thin," Hyperion says to me while we sit not far from the large Pentacle of Pearl inscribed on the ground of the yard. (It's after dark on 11.1.11.)
      "Most definitely," I say, and switch on the small lantern that is part of my Samhain costume. "You know, if you think about it, it's not only the Dead--everything in existence is our Ancestor… we're related to All Things."
      Of course, Hyperion already knows this. He's a wise Elf.
      We've enjoy a meditative ritual walk along the points of the Pentacle, which are: Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty, Wisdom, and back to Love. At each apex of the circle a priestess (or in one case a priest) welcomes is, offers some insight, then ushers us to the next point.
      "This is one of those universal holy days, a truly archetypal thing that directly reflects the actual cycles of Nature, huh?" I say.
      Hyperion says, "Most definitely!"
      Indeed, it's the reality behind Halloween, the Day of the Dead in Mexican and South American traditions, and even those 3 Catholic feast days of honoring ancestors, which also have pagan roots. All boil down to this time of energy shifting inward, from the outer cycle of growth to the dying-back of vegetation, the glide within to meet the inner light, regenerate and eventually re-emerge more brilliant than ever.
      Timely how this time it comes not long before 11.11.11--an interesting date that look like intense synchronicity when you write it in Arab numerals! Actually, Hyperion and I tend to go by the astronomy rather than the calendar, so the actual Cross-Quarter Day is on 11.7.11, @ 12:27 PM. Only we do love this celebration with our pagan cohorts.
      Indeed, what we experience as "Time" does seem to accelerate now while we approach the Singularity when it goes exponential. Alignment with Galactic Center and all! Exciting times on Planet Earth; not scary unless you're still sleepwalking.
      To the mind in an awakening process, it's an adventure fraught with both danger and opportunity.
      And total uncertainty in which no one really knows what's coming.
      Occupy the Universe, right?!
      Let the doors open…

“From apex point of sex doth flow
The gifts of love that we would know,
That lures us ever toward our pride
Which shines as law and does provide
Awareness of our self’s domain;
And knowledge of all things arcane.
A move toward power stirs within
Power shared with other kin.
As waves of passion fill our souls
We grow in wisdom; life’s true goal.
By the Iron and by the Pearl
I claim my being
I claim my world.”

Bright Blessings!


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