Saturday, July 21, 2012

MY Disclosure, Part 2 of 3

Dear Friends and Loved Ones:
In the first part of this essay, I described my own UFO sightings over a period of some forty years, and the fact that I met Carol Rosin at the “2012 Women’s UFO Symposium in Glen Rose, Texas. Carol’s keynote speech, “A Call to Action: Ban Weapons in Space,” moved me profoundly. During the weekend many other speakers also testified to their experiences.
The presentations included a panel on the famous “Stephenville Sightings” that occurred not far from the symposium site. A variety of people and their presentations convinced me, both via intuition and reason that much of what we were seeing and hearing about is absolutely, actually happening! I’m not gullible, or easily fooled. My conclusion is that a closed mind, or denial is far more irrational than what the whole thing added up to.
Here’s the general story as I’ve put it together. Clearly what we call UFOs have been appearing in the skies of this planet for millennia, at the very least. It seems that what serious UFO students call “Cosmic Cultures” have been visiting Earth for a long, long time. However the pattern radically changed around the time we first bounced radar signals off the Moon and soon after tested the first atomic weapons. Obviously in 1947 a spaceship crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, as the Air Force reported, and then switched its story the following day.
Fortunately for seekers of truth, a massive trail of evidence indicates that not only were alien bodies retrieved, at least one or two living aliens, as well. Whatever the rationale, the US government and others around the world have hastened to deny the truth of this and other crashes and multiple sightings, as well as credible witnesses who testify to contact.
Of course not every account or photo is credible, in fact quite a few definitely are not. Still, there is a solid core of sober, responsible people, like those at the symposium, who probably have more to lose than to gain by their open and honest testimony. Unfortunately the US government is the most recalcitrant, and yet the reason is clear. From the crash debris and living aliens, it seems that extremely advanced technology has been “reverse-engineered.”
This includes how to tap “Zero Point Energy” which would provide free energy to everyone, plus totally non-polluting propulsion systems that seem to be based on what we would call anti-gravity. As sci-fi as this sounds, there is plenty of evidence that this is being withheld to perpetuate the fossil fuel industry and the War Machine of the military industrial complex. Those advanced technologies would end the corporate hegemony that has taken control of all major Earth governments and endangers the planet’s survival.
Corporate governments no longer represent the interests of citizens—rather, they view people, along with everything else, as resources to be exploited.
Likewise it’s clear that, though some folks are terrified by their contact experiences, what is often called an “abduction” is most likely the reaction of someone unprepared to accept any such reality. The real aliens seem to be wise and advanced, often largely telepathic, and capable of much that seems “indistinguishable from magic” to our primate brains. In fact, there is no serious evidence of evil, hostile aliens, though there may be some varieties that are not so sympathetic to us as what Adamski called the “Space Brothers.”
It seems that much of what humans traditionally described as heavenly gods, angels, elves, fairies and so on, were of what we now call Cosmic Cultures.
Further, even more startling and inspiring conclusions in the next installment!
Peace & (((HUGS)))
Nada Te Turbe*
       -- Theresa of Avila
*(Let Nothing Disturb You)


  1. Hey Brother Bruce,

    I'm not much of a UFO fan though I've seen at least one sky event that made no sense -- really fast zipping around back in the early 80s. I've also had my own tuning-into of sorts in the mid-80s with what seemed like that kind of higher wisdom or whatever.

    But much like I'm not much of a fan of our own space exploration for I feel we need to take care of "home base" first (the big blue marble we gig on), all the UFO or Pleiades, etc. stuff doesn't do much for me either.

    As you alluded to, humanity tends to project onto the unknown or mysterious its own warps -- i.e. non-Terrestrial life must be evil and dangerous. But that's changing and so that's why I feel we have now have the rising of a more benign view of such dimensions and so on.

    Being a Capricorn, I'm more interested in the here-and-now and what-is as our human journey while also obviously not discounting the simply logical conclusion that we are but a micro-dust particle in a huge, huge, huge universe and so other forms of life and consciousness must exist.

    And then, there may also be multiverses, so that multiplies that even more - lol.

    In short, I respect whatever works and benefits anyone, whatever form it seems to take -- be it Terrestrial or not. Whatever that may be, the bottom line for me is whether it makes more kind, conscious, inclusive, aware, etc. -- basically promotes the Golden Rule so to speak.

    All modes of teachings or wisdom are tools. It's what we do with them that matters IMO.

    ~ Philip

    1. Dear Brother Philip:

      Thanks for your thoughts and feelings!

      Actually, I don't think we're an insignificant speck in the vast universe… rather, we are all at the center of the universe, as everything is! The Cosmos Cultures matter is not about focusing away from the planet, on the contrary, I feel that due to overpopulation, crowding psychology, the lemming effect, to explore outer space is necessary to master inner space. For me it's not either/or. Never is. reality is always both/and. I don't think we can master the effects of finite resources on our planet without realizing there is an infinite universe for us to explore and for our descendants to live in… IMNSHO!

      Take care & again thanks!