Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chess IS the Game of Life!

Dear Friends and Loved Ones:

"My children dwell in the House of Tomorrow
I don't own them
They don't belong to me
They belong to the Future
To their Future..."
     -- Paul Kantner, Millennium Beyond (Frontera Luminosa)

Does the immediate future of Life on Earth appear a wee bit scary to you lately? These amazing times are our greatest opportunity ever, as well as the most serious crisis our species has ever created for itself!

The best way to deal with the current reverbs of Future Shock is to look at NOW--the Present--from a futique or future perspective; look back from somewhere around 2100 CE-to-2300 CE (Current Era) a period that represents the upcoming time of humanity's Interstellar Renaissance. Then you will indeed comprehend and accept even what seems darkest and most difficult about the world as it is. Yes--we will inherit the stars!

Am I talking science-ficition, or avoidance of tough facts? Not at all! However, one thing we're now sensing is that all "Time" happens simultaneously. There is no separate past or future apart from that mysterious Eternal Present, the NOW. In fact you can diagram how the past and future cancel each other out in the present--only I will not try to explain or illustrate that here! Deep in your cells, you know this already.

My suggestion is that we can best gain perspective on what is happening on our beloved Planet Earth NOW, not by examining the past, unless you mean the present from a future perspective when we will be past the time when you SEEM to be reading this. Far beyond the years 2012 and 2013... the philosophy and science of those centuries, the 2nd and 3rd of this millennium, can be anticipated by our deepening understanding of evolutionary process, brain science, genetics and Earth Systems science, AKA Gaia Theory.

This specific enterprise of fore-casting with tempral and structural factors and then glancing back at the Year of the Dragon, 2012, reveals a fascinating Giant Step of conscious evolution happening this year. Those who choose to view it fearfully may indeed create their own personal meltdown. However, I like Barbara Marx Hubbard's insistence that December 22nd 2012 is Day One.

If you wish to glide gracefully to living on the New Earth full-time, a return to Paradise Consciousness, approach the Omega of the Alpha ad infinitum, consider joining me on Sunday, May 27th, 2012 for my exciting new workshop:"I.N.T.: A Workshop on the Key to Everything." This will not be an intellectual experience. We'll have fun and emerge feeling GOOD about the immediate future!

We'll explore such matters as how "Chess IS the Game of Life" + I'm not even a chess-player, though I am totally alive! Have you ever noticed that chess is a perfect model of your nervous system, as is the I Ching? And that's only the beginning of these marvelous mysteries and synchronicities...

Please check it out:

Peace & (((HUGS)))
Nada Te Turbe*
      -- Theresa of Avila
*(Let Nothing Disturb You)

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