Monday, July 18, 2011

Winter Honeysuckle (A Poem)

Winter Honeysuckle
(A Poem)


Bruce P. Grether

“Did you see the Winter Honeysuckle?”
“No. Oh. Wow! Beautiful . . . is it?
Plus, it smells so. Amazing.”

Speaks to me like an unexpected chuckle,
Like the fact I’m actually a Wizard;
One of those 2 blue ones lost in the East.

“And that’s the finest finest thing
In all 3 worlds, to be:
Have you heard?”

“The least of these will be . . .
. . . the greatest of the East.”

“Ah. It’s all about this World Axis
That connects things below and above
With that single greatest thing
This gift . . . this beating heart
. . . in every breast.

This living light from every green leaf
At the heart of everything . . .
. . . that we call Love.”

“Like the Sun itself, it has
This inestimable power . . .
. . . . opening from & to Source.
Where abide, beyond Time
Beyond Space itself . . .
. . . Singularity’s flower.

The # 9 unfurls from your brow
To spread its protective hood
Like unfolding petals
Broadcasting fragrance of Now –
Where, indeed, it’s all good
From Noble Gases to Heavy Metals.

Beyond judgment
Of all things seen & unseen
Winds of Change that you can SEE:
Creating, maintaining, transforming
Fluttering pages of this scientific magazine
Revealing this authentic me . . .
. . . the Naked Singularity.

Back into embodiment from
Those churning spiral galaxies
To the garden deck where flowers sing
+ the planetary heartbeat drums . . .
. . . there lives
The shy brown cotton rat
+ the mockingbid shuffles
The Major Arcana of his wings.”

Back to where you’re asking me,
“Have you seen the Winter Honeysuckle?

So . . . remind me! What are the names
Of those 2 Blue Wizzes? Are we them?
Him and me?
Or does it really matter . . . ?”

Alatar & Pallando:
the Blue Wizards went East with Saruman,
who then was not bad at all, & those Blue Wizards
Never returned,
Though Saruman most definitely did,
Or did they
All 3???

Do I pause often enough
To suck into my aroused nostrils
Fragrance of galactic clusters stardust
Of this Winter Honeysuckle!

Blooming even more of a spectacle
With this Full Moon, last night;
Plus, if I’m not mistaken . . . the Sun
In Aquarius, thus these blossoms
Pour forth fragrant starlight –
The luminous fluid dreams of galactic beings!”

“HUSH! Listen closely. Your own heart . . .
IS One with inaudible
Whirring of quarks
The Center of Silence.”

Breathe IN the stillness . . .
That stops Time & opens Space
Around all that could disturb
Your deep peace.

Release. Thus evolve.
Hummingbirds & bees
Feasting upon
Divine nectar of this Carolina jasmine,
Supposedly so toxic
As the vine contains strychnine,
Yet like all else that abides
Within Creation’s lambent glow
This poisonous beauty must have its place
Within adamantine brilliance
Cupped between loving hands
Ferocious brilliance
This Point-Zero.


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