Thursday, July 14, 2011

Listen To The Voice Of The World…

The great aboriginal American teacher Black Elk said Life moves in Circles. Well, of course… and as we listen to what I call "The Voice of the World," this actuality gets repeated repeatedly. Among the most deceptively simple-seeming yet deeply profound and highly insightful wisdoms of all is "The Center of the Circle is everywhere, and the circumference of the Circle is nowhere found."
      Even quantum physics and current cosmology agree: the Center is everywhere. It's one of those sort of counter-intuitive, yet kind-of-obvious realities (reality is always plural) that in such an expanding, inflationary Universe as we find ourselves, though everything is moving away from everything else--there is no single Center from which it is all racing away so fast. No.
      Curiously enough (curiouser and curiouser!) the Center is literally everywhere. You are there and so is everything else!
      Kind of like the Great Spirit, or as I prefer the term, the Great Mystery. It's everywhere, in everything. No exceptions. In fact, those amazing Egyptian Blue Lotus flowers that I often rave about in recent years, also display these realities…
      These sacred blossoms demonstrate the challengingly-simply fact of non-duality or Oneness. Nothing is actually separate from anything else; in fact, the idiotic ways that we believe in separation are the root cause of all suffering. You cannot actually say what Oneness is in words. It simply IS.
      Only you can see these Blue Lotuses demonstrating it, though they appear to be two separate flowers, they originate from that single mysterious unseen Source, deep in the liquid void the Egyptians called NU--like everything in existence.

      Don't take my word for all of this philosophical rambling. You see, like the immortal Jim Morrison, I'm at Sagittarius, a Zen Archer--so I can hardly help being a lover of wisdom. But why not just look at the pictures here and listen to your own heart on such important matters as the Circles of Life and Oneness???

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