Monday, July 4, 2011

The Gault Site Tour, Part 2

Following our view into the pit of the actual current dig--where those dedicated diggers patiently probed into the ancient past--with the rest of the tour group we shared lunch under some huge shady trees on that meadow. What a fantastic experience, with tingles of time-travel to boot, and even that lunch with the kind of nice folks interested enough to make it there! A splendid time… in a most special place.
      I'm so grateful that Tomas wanted to go. I knew he's do it without me if I didn't. Only what is life about? If you're blessed with such a perfectly suited partner, you'd best be grateful and do things with that person… even things you otherwise might not! Don't miss an opportunity for yet another shared adventure, is what I've learned.
      You see, I'm a wimp about the heat and indeed it's been especially brutal this year, though we're both fascinated with natural history and science. Let me not complain about the temp--instead let me express my gratitude for that day and for Tomas to share it with.

      Another matter--not unrelated--is our relationship to creatures here in the beautiful Garden where we live. Among the bounty this year have been plentiful baby lizards. There are the green anoles, commonly called "chameleons" hereabout; spiny lizards, the striped kind(?). Sometimes an amazing alligator lizard! Even the Mediterranean geckos that are quite shy and mostly just appear on the kitchen window screen in the early AM when the inside light attracts the moths they hunt…
      Part of all this is how much I love the road runner (one of those creatures I mentioned in my Power Animal blog not long ago). Yet, it's been rather savage: that beautiful, intelligent, predatory bird struts through our yard and snatches up our baby lizards. I won't even mention what he does with them before he eats them.
      Oh sure, it's Nature, you say? Well, I will not post the photos Tomas took. They're a bit too brutal. Of course, that IS Nature, and this kind of hunt has been going on for at least several hundred million years. Only I may not want to watch, OK?
      Yup, it's all part of that Oneness I often rave about. Still, I feel what I feel.
      Just as "I AM what I AM becoming."

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