Saturday, March 10, 2018

Re-learn to Read for Pleasure and Wisdom

Symbolic language can serve as a prison, barring you from direct contact with actual experience of your body in the DNA-mediated realities of the material world. However language is also, as one of the oldest forms of real human Magick (perhaps the oldest), a creative tool for both your educational and recreational enjoyment.

Here I refer to your ability to craft written language and also your ability to enjoy reading texts, such as printed books, magazines, journals. Closer to the end of this book I will suggest means of using other “offline” and somewhat old-fashioned media to deliberately subvert the influences of Big Tech and the Internet connectivity that about half of the humans on the planet now experience.

Clearly Big Tech provides many benefits and possibly crucial advantages to our species, along with serious drawbacks in the form of control and manipulation of our choices. Also, electronic media produces a distraction factor and can reduce your attention span.

For example, the ability to read printed books and concentrate on printed texts in magazines and journals can suffer from eroded attention span. Consider, do you read printed books or texts for pleasure? With such seductive Internet media at the fingertips of about half of the humans on the planet, enjoyment of offline media may become a challenge. To read a text on a screen is fundamentally different.

While online, you can always dart away from wherever you are to check email, Facebook, or someone may message you. You may grow accustomed to beeps and intrusions, but are you able to focus on a book, able to surrender and dive into a longer text for the pure enjoyment of reading?

Some of us need to periodically, deliberately disconnect from electronic media in order to re-discover the private personal sanctuary provided by printed texts, both for education and recreation.

This is so worth the effort!

The wonderful worlds that reading printed texts can take you into, whether the texts are considered fiction or non-fiction, are in truth all equally real and equally imaginary worlds. They exist in your mind.

(From THE 9 REALITIES OF STARDUST by Bruce P. Grether, p. 84)

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