Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Legacy of Love and Lions

We who dream of the stars and examine Mars
From here on this swirled blue sphere
Forget to park the shoes of our minds by the temple’s door.
We still don’t have flying cars—
Yet we peer into the Earth’s deep core
And into the atom’s heart
And our own hand remains
An unsolved mystery.

All it takes to embrace and to totally love
These last lions on the planet’s face
Is: overcome fear of yourself
And your connection with everything.
Grow up, human race!
Accept Creation’s
Gratuitous grace.

And what you easily miss is this:
The unexpected gift of exponential change’s kiss.

When the overloaded senses grow dull
The mind paces forth and back in the skull
Then the overloaded senses grow dull.

Our iLife evolves so rapidly now
No one can anticipate how strange
Those vivid clouds upon the horizon
May in truth become—for evolution
Is not simply improvement,
As imagined by some:
It is adaptation.
It is Ancient Egypt’s naked face
In orbital space—
Arms open wide
And Sacred Heart ablaze in the chest.

It’s this fearless embrace
Of the huge male African lion
It’s a necklace of tropical islands
Afloat on a future of smart matter
That knows and tolerates us…
It’s children and its creators
Just now waking up
To these realities
Of stardust.

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