Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Midwinter Night’s Dream

Days grow tangibly shorter
And daylight more precious
As nights grow longer
Yet the dark provides
It’s protective embrace…

Life grows longer and stronger
With every heartbeat, each breath
As the pathways open their arms before you
Yet the quantum wave function collapses in death.

Don’t forget the Sea God’s Trident—
The summoning conch trumpet;
The Pharos Lighthouse stands
Sentinel before the harbor of your dreams:
Don’t forget.

This Holy Night sprouts antlers
That are golden boughs where mistletoe bristles
Where every whispering Druid plays his part
And remembers that sting of Lord Balder’s murder—
Antlers branch forth from the darkest heart.

Each one stands alone
Within the crimson glow of the four-chambered heart;
Ancestors stand in tender infinity
Of living, shimmering stardust
Empowered by sacred desire
Behind each living, arising form
Within each crown of creation,
Each culminating mystery
Of living atomic fire.

Bruce P. Grether 12.19.13

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