Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Roadrunner of Death

I AM not what you think
I stalk everything.

I AM natural recycling.
Sometimes I even take wing,

And from wherever they bask or slink
I pluck your squirming dreams.

There's no escape from
The towering fiery Eye's
Fierce blink.

Tomorrow or today
-No exceptions,
No shades of gray-
All must drink.

DRINK ME and you may
Smell the Roses.

You cannot know
If I come or I go
For my feet have two toes in front
And two in back;
So with equal ease
I retreat or I attack.

Yes. I AM predatory.
I AM beautiful.
In me, you can trust.
Do not fear me.
I AM discernment's knife.
I AM common as stardust.
I AM the appetite for life.

I AM the One
Everyone requires to remain awake
To the miracle of each heartbeat-
To how irreplaceable is each breath.

I AM the Roadrunner of Death.

Only be my friend and ally
And I will bestow this gift:
Though you're totally aware,
I may be merciful
And swift.

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