Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Approaching Perfection…?

I’ve come outside the house sometime after 4:00 AM to admire the Full Moon. I listen to the chattering, clattering choruses of the katydids sprinkled all through the woodlands around the garden, the hills and the canyons and the ravine below. That wonderful echoing, reverberating sound speaks to something deep in my cells.
I stand on the rock pathway that meanders through the middle of the yard, and I pause before the Moonflower Gate. I can see that from the Ravine Bench, the lunar disk will be obscured by foliage, so from the path I admire what now appears to be a perfect disk of bleached bone-white. Yet somehow I have enough clarity (perhaps from my inner cleaning?) to SEE that it’s not quite perfectly round… not quite yet!
Of course, “perfection” as such is really only an idea, a human concept. You can make a case for the fact that in Nature there’s no such thing, except perhaps the wonderful Japanese esthetic of “perfect imperfection.” Maybe that’s closer to reality anyway! Well, there’s also the fact that on a high level of awareness, everyone and everything is already perfect exactly as IS.
Now on the meandering path beneath the almost-Full Moon, I recall that in astronomical terms the Full phase is immanent but not-quite-here. After I moon bathe for a spell, back inside I confirm that it will occur at 6:12 AM according to NASA.
Speaking of approaching perfection and taking your time to get there, I suspect that many of you recall a marvelous, powerful book called BE HERE NOW by Ram Dass. It came at the end of the 1960s and set many of us on the long and winding road to embrace THE POWER OF NOW by Ekhart Tolle a lot more recently.
After all these years—about 40 years in fact!—Ram Dass has a new, even greater gift that approaches closer to perfection: BE LOVE NOW: THE PATH OF THE HEART. This may be the best book I’ve ever read, bar none! Seriously and joyously. At least for me, personally, this seems the most important book I could possibly read as we accelerate into the Star+Gate of 2012.
Highly recommended.
To BE LOVE NOW is always the best thing you can do!
It’s as close to perfection as anyone needs to be.

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