Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Stardust Tarot?

Dear Friends & Loved Ones:

I often get up quietly sometime between midnight and dawn and come downstairs to start my first cup of green tea and read for a while before I boot up the iMac. Something curious that I’ve noticed is the fact that in the bathroom where I often read it seems that the light takes a while to become bright enough to read by. It’s an incandescent bulb at present, though we’re trying out some LEDs now—however I’m quite sure the bulb itself does not get measurably brighter after the first few moments.

What it SEEMS like, which is not good physics, is that the photons that pour out of the bulb take a while to fill up the room and accumulate, something like the water level rising in a container until it’s full. Of course, this is nonsense from a scientific viewpoint, and yet I trust my own experience more than I trust physics OR metaphysics for that matter!

While I don’t insist on my explanation, I know from experience that it takes a few minutes for the room to fill up with enough photons so that I can comfortably read! You might imagine that my eyes are adjusting—and maybe that’s part of it. Who knows?

Anyway, I’m always learning and I try to always keep an open mind. For example, I’ve recently realized that I did a poor job of naming my new workshop coming up on SUNDAY, MAY 27TH AT HEART OF TEXAS YOGA, IN CHARMING WIMBERLEY FROM 1:30-4 PM. Should have been called THE STARDUST TAROT! Seems many folks are intimidated or confused by the fancy name I.N.T. (Interstellar NeuroGenetic Tarot) and think it must be difficult, hard to understand, or just plain strange.

NOT! Actually it’s about the fact that we’re all made of 90% stardust and this fact alone can help you to comprehend yourself and your place in the Universe better. I’ve prepared for this workshop for about 45 years now. Plus the beautiful STARDUST TAROT I created for it is not even a deck of cards; it’s more like a fascinating, full-color PERIODIC TABLE OF EVOLUTION… a key to the Game of Life that we all play.

There I go again. Big words? Not really. Look in the mirror, please; trust your own inner wisdom. I’d love to have more folks sign up for the workshop in the next week. (Don’t worry, Bev, I’ll be there come heck or high water!) The workshop will happen no matter what and we’ll have a grand time.

WHAT WILL YOU GET OUT OF THE WORKSHOP? Mind-tingling fun—a deeper sense of belonging in this Universe and on this planet, connection with all your Ancestors and Descendants, and a clearer idea of what is REALLY going on aboard Spaceship Earth. Probably major new insights into the nature of existence? + 2 11X17 full-color posters of the gorgeous and fascinating STARDUST TAROT that I’ve spent 45 years creating. A lengthy scroll that explains everything in existence according to the Octave-Wave structure of our spacetime realities.

Check it out, Okay? Here:

If the spirit moves you, let me know and sign up! It’s not too late.

I love all you beautiful Stardust Children!!!

Peace & (((HUGS)))
Nada Te Turbe*
      -- Theresa of Avila
*(Let Nothing Disturb You)

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