Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Thrive in 2012 and Beyond!

As the amazing year 2011 draws to a close, I’m outside my house on the Ravine Bench to observe and meditate upon the Moon that is nearly full again. The night is chilly, my breath blows visibly before my face, and the vivid white disk in the sky floats embedded in a lovely aura that seems delicately fashioned of iridescent feathers.
            The Moon speaks to me on many levels without and within me. To anyone who listens deeply (including you!) this world says the same essential thing. Just as the Aztecs and some other cultures often showed the Moon and Sun at opposite sides of the same image, the moonlit night speaks of the sunlight daytime. The deep, deep secret here speaking from your inner heart is this: Duality always whispers silently the unavoidable, unimaginable truth of Oneness!
            Duality exists only to remind us that in reality all is One. Once you settle into this kind of deep listening to the Voice of the World, all Sacred Numbers can proliferate from there from nothing. As the great sage Lao Tzu said: “Out on nothing comes the One; out of One comes the Two; out of Two comes the Three; from Three comes All Things.”
            You actually need no book, guru or teacher to “get” this. The simplest insights like this make the whole world legible and meaningful to you. You can read the significance of the wonders of the physical, material world as an expression of Spirit without a need to study or interpret anything. Your inner self knows.
For example, the same profound Oneness can even be seen in such artworks as the remarkable paintings of the Mexican artist Frido Kahlo, who sometimes showed both Sun and Moon at left and right of her paintings. Through her pain and personal drama, that great woman saw deeply into the heart of the mystery. Allow awareness of Oneness to sort things out naturally—it does this!
Listen deeply and the year 2012 becomes an adventure in which anything is possible.

Bruce P. Grether is a regular Austin All Natural. He lives in Wimberley where he offers a workshop called “Reclaiming Your Ancient Egyptian Soul,” and other workshops. Find him on Twitter @BrucePGrether. To explore some of the worlds Bruce creates in his writing and for workshop info visit .

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