Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crushed Petals (A poem)

You read to me from the Upanishads
Where lions come to drink
Beneath the bridge
At the kosmic brink.
From the white peacock flows
The milk that always expands
A million eyes shine all around:
Serendipity understands.
You keep me between your hands
And I pray with song
With winged heart;
A rainbow where my colors belong
And cannot be taken apart.
I give you my geometry
And letters from A to Z!

Invisible eyes
And jaguar skin
Where you can see within
To my skeleton.
I dance like a starship
Shudder at the shore—
Changes howl and grip
Beneath Heaven’s floor.
The radiant skull
That feeds your hole
Is not emptiness to me
Nor is it full.
I am the hummingbird
Frozen in your hands.

The gentle sound of water
Growls like weakness in my knees.
You are the foxy daughter
Of miraculous symphonies.
Walk on fire,
Stroll the sea,
Seemingly unaware
Of oxidation and gravity.
I know your eyes are blue fishes;
In Atlantis I’m the centaur
Then the mounted bowman of Aryans;
Now the arrow returning to Source.
I am the shaft of Light to the Sun,
In the Garden of Earthly Delights.
The voice of the turtle
Scatters seeds in the endless night.

Know me by my bones…
For the flowers are magnetic centers
Pollen spins in LOADING ZONES
Where the Grand Insect enters!

And all in Hyacinth do you come
Here to the House of the Sun!

Chitter and gossip of bats
Beginning to rouse/

I add myself to the Magick Circle of Elk.

Daylight dips into the sweet rose
Her bower of flowers chastely.

Luminous colors of the Garden breathe deep.

Scarlet and feathers become her in sleep.

I am the can-opener
Of your canned heat.
My flame between your hands.
You lived like a poisonous frog
All over South America.
Meditation rustles its feathers
As the unseen becomes visible…
O Volleyball
And your tanned legs
Leap to spike the ball
Over the net
                                              Into my dream.

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