Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mr. Porcupine in the Tree

Our friend seen eye-to-eye
Has a face like a caboose
And appears to me
To have philosophical depth --
He seems a bit shy.
Tom leaves him a snack -- a carrot and celery...

As night falls -- Mr. Porcupine begins his day --
Backs down the barky oaken branch and trunk
Backs down all the way
With old-man-in-corduroys caution --
Long tail alive feeling behind him,
Helps to find his way down.

Didn't eat his snack -- we learn next day --
And he's gone on his unknown way.

Now, as my final touches here are done --
You, me, and Mr. P.
And the live oak tree
Everything on this good green Earth
All things are no more and no less than One.

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