Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fog Unbound

When hilltops vanish into fog
Real Magick happens…
The Language of Birds
Gets automatically translated
By the heart—
Occluded brilliance is the Sun Dog;
Luna, a feline principality
Beyond words.
Breathing is Fine Art!

Oh yes—birdcalls echo through
Ravine muffled and softened at the edges.
All of the morning becomes no more,
No less than me and you
Tiptoe along limestone ledges;
The layer-cake of Mother Earth’s
Trillions upon trillions of fossilized lovers…
This life is no game, nothing to rehearse
It’s the real deal now and here
Under the covers!

Yes, Father Earth, let me pull back your mask
Let me undress all your reasons
To withhold any particle of love;
You are all 3 X 3 colors of quarks
In the innermost Temple of the Atom—
Mute labyrinths
You offer in darkness:
Soft and hazy brilliance of your blue elliptical soul—
This White Dove
Of mystery
You call down with open arms

Abide, abide, abide…
Honor unspoken names of Mother Eve—
Here’s the thing to spread your wings:
On such a hilltop hidden,
Forever twilight
There is no Other Side
And the crack between the worlds
Remains open

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What You See Is What You Are!

See what's in the photo above? The truth is, it's you… and before you object, let me dance around a little here… plus, you may already know this dance!
      Paradise Garden, where I live, shows new signs of growth and regeneration: tendrils, leaves and buds--now that autumn is in the air! Sounds like springtime, huh? Well, it is kind of a rebirth feeling. The Plant Kingdom and its animal kin have perked up and show signs of renewed vibrancy after months of extreme heat.
      We're still in drought conditions, despite the blessed 3 inches of rainfall last weekend. Perhaps it's also the nice cooler nights, sometimes in the upper 40s, along with days no longer so hot and dry that summons tiny green leaves. Things now bloom where during the summer buds did not even form!
      There is always more to things than meets the eye. the truth is it's not only beauty that's in the eye of the beholder… everything is in the eye of the beholder!
      All these natural wonders--the huge tarantula hawk wasp that buzzes up and flies away, the elegant earth star fungi that constellate around the base of the live oak, the baby spiny lizard that darts up onto a rock to bask in the sunlight--everything I observe requires me as observer to exist in my reality.
      It still fascinates me to realize that everything I view as "out there," beyond the boundaries of my body, is actually images created in my mind with the help of my brain. All I see is actually within me.
      Likewise, life does not "happen" to me.  I am life.
      The truth is a handful of immediate realities that you have no good reason to doubt actually exist. Your body (unless you're a disembodied spirit reading this!) is a truth. Matter may be the dancing emptiness of atoms that science describes, not a solid object as it can seem, yet it does exist. So does Nature and the Earth, the Moon and Sun, the planets and stars. Beyond that it's just beliefs, ideas.
      What you see is what you get? Not necessarily. You may not get everything you see, however you are everything you see! What an astonishing awareness!
      What truly matters is there's no such thing as separation.
      You are the little tree frog in the photo above.
      The frog and you are One.
      Form is emptiness.
      Buddha said.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Balance on a Swiftly Tilting Planet

Where I often find balance and get centered these days is by really tuning in the Plant Kingdom. In particular the Egyptian Blue Lotus that grows in my pond, the Maid of Orleans Jasmine in the greenhouse, and the Dolly Parton Rose in front of the kitchen window. Even when the breeze is tossing it around, you can sense the deep inner stillness of a plant. That stillness touches into the limitless and the infinite…
            Most people have noticed that not only is time accelerating (along with so many other global factors) but lately wherever our planet is heading, it seems out of control. Of course it is not controlled—except perhaps by Gaia itself, as well as our collective will as Gaia’s youngest and perhaps most errant children.
            There are a number of things anyone can do to regain balance on our swiftly tilting, rapidly evolving planet. First, as so many factors such as human population, technological advancement, and environmental degradation accelerate measurably, everything heads toward what mathematics calls a “Singularity.” This means a sudden shift so extreme we cannot predict it. (No one can!) You can consciously work to slow down, as a means to recover balance. Turn off some devices and connections, especially to mainstream media. Let go of so much “doing.” Be.
            The consumer culture that feeds the corporate hegemony is based on dissatisfaction. No matter what you have, you need something else, the next thing, instead of what you have. Consciously shift your focus to the good things you do have. Express gratitude. Tell your loved ones and your beloved how much you love them.
            Don’t buy into faddish beliefs about end times or impending dates. No one knows! If we knew the future for sure, we’d have no choice now. Surrender the need to know. Choose to express gratitude, slow down and yes—tune in plants.
Wake up and smell the flowers!